0.8 MnkCal/hr HWG SYSTEM

Newburgh Green Teas, (Finlays)

Installation of 0.8 MnkCal/hr bio-mass fired Hot Water Generator plant at Newburgh Green Teas, (Finlays), Ella. HWG supplier – Thermotech Systems ltd, India.

Dates Employed

Jun 2015 – Sep 2015

Employment Duration

4 months

Project Value

USD 73,000 + LKR 2.4 Mn

0.8 MnkCal/hr bio-mass fired Hot Water Generator

Type of HWG
Radiant coil and Convective Coil
Solid fuel
Rubber wood logs, Paddy husk
Feeding method
100% manual or semi auto feeding system - 70% paddy husk
Mode of combustion
Balance draft (Mechanical draft)
Air pollution control system
Multi Cyclone Dust collector
Heat Recovery unit
APH (Air pre-heater)
Start Erection work
June 2015
Date of commissioning
Sep 2015
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